SAS Zombie Assault Cheat / Hack

Today I will give you a simple guide to cheating on flash games with the help of Cheat Engine version 5.5. The flash game of choice today is SAS 2: Zombie Assault. It doesn’t really matter what flash game we are talking about the concept is the same! I did find a way to get more money but I couldn’t find the location of the money counter to update it directly. If anyone have some input on that I would really like to hear it!

So let’s get to work! First start the game, from your favorite supplier or here:

Then start Cheat Engine. If you don’t have it get it here:

Next up is to attach cheat engine to the browser process. Cklick the computer icon in the top left corner of cheat engine to bring up the process list. Then look for your browser and attach to it. Now we need some values to search for. Start the game and look at what values you have and what you would like to change.

We have our ammo counter at the lower left corner, we have the cash. In other games you may have other things you would like to change.

Lets start with the ammo counter for the pistol (this will work for any other gun you get later in the game, even sentry guns).

1. Type in the number of bullets you have left in your gun into the “Value” field of cheat engine and the hit “First Scan”.
2. When the scan have finished you will have a bunch of results, I got almost 200000 results. We can’t change all of them hoping for the best we need to dig deeper.
3. Go back to the game and wast some more ammo.
4. Take the new ammo count and put into the “Value” field of cheat engine and hit “Next Scan”.
5. If you now have only one result you been lucky. If not, repeat step 3 and 4 until you only have one result in the list.
6. Now double click the result, it will pop up in the list at the bottom of the screen.
7. Check the box “Frozen” for the value and that gun will never run out of bullets.

You can do exactly the same with the grenades but you still have to get some first. With the sentry guns it’s the same but your not in control of the firing so wait till the gun is not shooting and then search for it’s ammo count.

Now we get to the money. As I wrote earlier I was unable to find the money variable in memory, but I didn’t put much time in to it either. There is however one way to get more money, the wave bonuses. When you complete a wave you always gets a bonus. On the higher waves it’s $500. To get more money do this:

1. Search for the number of the current wave.
2. Wait for the next wave, when the wave indicator has changed “Next Scan” for the new value.
3. Repeat 1 and 2 until you have only 2 results left.
4. Get them down in the list and freeze them.
5. Change them to a wave that gives good money but isn’t to hard with your current gear.
6. Complete the wave and get the bonus, the bonus will be repeated over and over again until you unfreeze the values.

Hope this has been help full for you all.

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