Power of scripting challange

I was speaking at an IT-consultant company kick-off today. Explained to the server maintenance guys how important scripting is! Not only power shell but classic vbscript. A server tech that can’t script is behind the guy who can. Scripting tech can do twice the work in half the time in a big server park. They complained back and forth and sad “No way I am going to learn that, all the good stuff you can do needs a real program anyway!”. WRONG!

So I took a bet with them! I will produce script that can do something real. Something that you actually do every day as a server tech more or less.
The conditions finally came to:

  • Has to be pure vbscript, only allowed to use operative system built in objects like File System Object.
  • Has to perform a vital task, something that usually claims several manual steps to complete.
  • Has to work like any other command line tool, menus, help and so forth.
  • I got until Monday 213-03-25 to complete the script!

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