Google Code Project Home Page: Tips & Tricks

When I was updating the home page for Picasa Web Downloader on Google Code I found two things that might interest others! 🙂

Paypal Donation Buttons

I found more written on the subject then about any other issue on Google Code markup. I have to say that there is a really easy way! Just create a donation button on paypal, copy the url for the image, and use the email donation link to create a common <a> in the markup like this:

<a href=””><img src=”; /></a>

Just be shore to close the img tag like /> otherwise it will mess up the markup.

Download Links

Google stopped the function of download links because of misuse. I found a blog entry written by one of there techs suggesting using Google Drive instead. In what way can you misuse free shared storage on Google Code that you cant misuse on Google Drive? Any way, I put up the link but when someone clicks the link for the latest release they get a view of the zip file contents on Google Drive instead. There is an easy fix for this! The link you get when you share it looks like this:

Just take the ID part (0B7xgtMzrLFNNTE1XUUtjNXJsYVU) and put it in this line below:

That will send the user directly to the download!


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