TFTPD32/64 a must have in the toolbox

TFTPD32 (or the 64bit version) is a great tool when working with networking, built in systems or small computers like the Raspberry PI. I usually end up using it’s DHCP function when I need to connect something directly to my laptop for testing. It’s also a great tool for quickly setting up a TFTP server for flashing firmware in built in systems. TFTPD also includes a syslog server which comes in handy troubleshooting linux based network devices like switches, routers and other stuff. Of course it’s a great tool during penetration testing with man in the middle attacks where you want to take over the DHCP function in the network. I have been using it for years and I really recommend it!

TFTPD is written by Philippe Jounin, I think he is from France. Don’t let the poor website design scare you of the tools he put out is really great! So check out his website:


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