About Hackviking

  • 1991

    After spending all my time taking electronics apart I got my hands on Visual Basic 1.0
  • 1998

    Got my first IT-job during the summer.
  • 2002

    Got in to devops before it was even a term. Why do tedious task when I could automate them?
  • 2002

    Took my first break from tech do my military service.
  • 2006

    Got my first chance to head up IT for a company.
  • 2011

    My first CIO title.
  • 2013

    Took a break as a treasure hunter at sea. (True story)
  • 2015

    Ended up in Silicon Valley working with AI.
  • 2017

    Developing IT, SaaS and support offerings for a PMO company.

It all started with a joke…

In late 2009 I was looking for a good domain to start my blog. I wanted to document the hard to find answers I peaces together from multiple source both in my professional life and on my free time projects. A chance to give back to the community that have been crucial to my development in the tech sector. The video Technoviking became Hackviking with the tagline “He killed Chuck Norris, he ruled dancing so he took up a new hobby…”.

After going through several iterations all the influence from Technoviking has been dropped and only the name remains.

Tech for fun and profit

Over the years there has been more than one job at a time, side projects and moonlighting as a security consultant. Everything to come back to that feeling I had when it all began. The feeling of discovery, always learning and exploration. Over the years I have done a lot other things then just tech but it has always been a great skill to utilize. Working with my hobby gives me the opportunity to play at work!

Spend a lot of time both at work and my spare time to learn new technology. Everything from new programming languages to 3D-printing. Every project at least gives me a new experience and skill that can be used to build the next project. I’m a firm believer in automation both to make the IT-department everyday tasks more skilled but also to cut out the human factor which always becomes bigger issue during repetitive tasks.

My career eventually led me into leadership roles which I enjoy as long as the tech is still a big part. Leading smaller teams and still be a part of operations makes it all the more fun. The fun part is to have the overview over the entire solution, manage the architecture and make everything work together to deliver the most value. In that position I have a chance to utilize all my different skills and tie it all together.

Side projects

If what you need isn’t out there, develop it…

Random guy on sourceforge back in the day

Someone wrote it as a response to another user complaining that there was code missing from a project. The quote always stuck with me and over the years I have written a lot of code. It can be anything from small proof of concepts to complete websites with specific services. It’s not only a great way to learn, test out ideas or give back to the community but it has also been a source of revenue.

Also been involved in non-profits and hackatons for specific causes or problems. Built everything from map tools to manage searches for lost people to statistical models of crime data.


Most of my consulting has been towards former employers who need my specific knowledge every now and then. Besides that I do a lot of security reviews and penetration testing, both requested and unsolicited.

I always open for consulting opportunities as long as it’s an interesting project and I can fit the hours into my schedule. Feel free to reach out on the contact page.