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jQuery UI: Samples has redundant code

I have messed around a lot with .Net MVC, jQuery and jQuery UI for some time now. I just discovered that one of the examples includes redundant code. I don’t know if all of them do but you need to watch your self. I have seen a few sites that run the jQuery examples straight […]

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LINQ to SQL: Update several rows

So I was coding away on an MVC project with integrated jQuery. I use jQuery UI Tabs in my page and let the user add new, delete and re-order them. All this I wan’t to save to the database so I can display it the next time the user logs on. I’m using JsonResult to handle […]

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Must declare the scalar variable @ID

Was just burning the midnight oil on a project for a client. Working with asp.Net for the first time in ages. Making a quick fix, adding a new form for editing customer details, I used theSqlDataSource control. Usually I work with the SqlCommand in SqlDataClient directly but now I needed paging and sorting fixed quick […]

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