Unit test your Firestore security rules

When developing a Firebase app with a Firestore database layer a lot of tutorials suggest allowing all traffic while developing and then setting the rules. I always do the other way around, I keep the default deny all rule and then open up for each use case I have. When writing security rules it’s very […]

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Export Firestore to dev environment

Sooner or later you need production data in your development environment to test or develop a more rich UI experience based on real life data. There are a few ways of doing this, but this is the easiest especially if your on a windows machine. You probably already have a persistent data in your dev […]

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Firebase: Unit-testing Firestore rules

Developing serverless web applications on Firebase is great. Quick and easy for new project ideas. The most important part of a Firebase deploy is the Firetore rules since the client speaks directly with the database. Todd Kerpelman at Firebase made a couple of really great videos on unit testing the security rules which is really […]

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