Install Protocol Buffers (protobuf) on Windows

I’m currently converting a few Google App Engine projects from Python 2.7 to Python 3. This includes a bunch of changes to the the code since Google is moving away from the built in Google App Engine classes. During the first few steps of converting the app you start changing out the dependencies still on […]

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Pros and cons with WordPress on Google App Engine

Running WordPress on Google App Engine is possible but different from any other hosting you ever used. Stability and performance are really great but it comes at the price of flexibility. In return you get a highly scalable and robust solution for your website. After running a few months on Google App Engine platform I switched […]

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Migrate WordPress to Google App Engine

Wordpress on Google App Engine

Why not run WordPress on Google App Engine? You will get performance and stability while only paying for the resources you actually use. Reading the official Google tutorial “Running WordPress in App Engine” it gives you a fare idea what you are in for. But if you want to migrate a currently running site then you […]

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Python: Remove querystring from URL

Needed to clean an URL from it’s querystring in Python. Found a lot of examples telling me to use urlparse and then put all the bits and pieces back together. An easier and more efficient  way is this: [py]url = ‘’ url = url[:url.find(‘?’)][/py] url now reads ‘’

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Google Picasa API Python: Developers Guide

Before you ask… Yes I struggled with the title of this post, but give me a break it’s 4:30 am here! 🙂 I’m currently developing in python for Google App Engine and are using the Picasa API. I found this great guide from Google with exampels: It’s far from complete but the examples pushes me in […]

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Python: Get user info after oauth

Building webapps with Google APIs are pretty straight forward for the most part. Specially when using the Google API Client Libraries! But if you want to accomplish something that are outside of all the nice tutorials that Google supply us with it get’s trickier! Being a C# programmer for many years I have noticed that […]

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