Build ElectronJS apps for Rasberry Pi

ElectronJS allows you to more or less build a web application that can be distributed as a native application. The code is written in javascript and uses standard HTML and CSS for the presentation layer. The code is packaged with a chromium browser and distributed as an application. Can you really build powerful applications this […]

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Firebase: Unit-testing Firestore rules

Developing serverless web applications on Firebase is great. Quick and easy for new project ideas. The most important part of a Firebase deploy is the Firetore rules since the client speaks directly with the database. Todd Kerpelman at Firebase made a couple of really great videos on unit testing the security rules which is really […]

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GCB Firebase deploy error

Using Google Cloud Build to build and deploy your frontend NodeJS application is well documented in Building Node.js applications and Deploying to Firebase. How ever all these, or at least a majority of them, are based on Linux based development systems. If your on a windows machine you can run into a very specific problem […]

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