Front-end Demos on Github

I really like both JSFiddle and Plunker but they come with limitations. To counteract cross site scripting issues and other security concerns they sandbox the code with iFrames and similar methods. That is just fine when you do simple examples of front-end implementations. I actually managed to implement a connection to Google oAuth ina JSFiddle […]

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Implementing Google OAuth in JSFiddle

The implementation of Google OAuth for use with there API’s are simple with there API Client Library for JavaScript, if you are developing a normal webpage. If you want the functionality in a JSFiddle it’s a little more complex for several reasons. I have put together a demo on JSFiddle that shows how it can […]

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Embed image in HTML code

You can embed images straight into HTML code without loading a separate image file. This is called data URL and is a base 64 encoded representation of the actual image file. You can more or less embed what ever data you like this way but the only implementations I have seen so far is with images. […]

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