Raspberry Pi pains of the past

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Raspberry Pi’s and I have spent a lot of time on both successful and less successful projects. A lot has happened since 2012 when they first came out, more powerful hardware and much better software support. In the later years I have done everything from home automation projects, […]

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Pi: Python script for BtSync status LCD

Adding and LCD display to a Pi project can make it so much easier to use. Displaying current IP address and status of some task that you only have to interact with when something went wrong. In this example we have the 20×4 (20 characters x 4 lines) LCD status display of my BtSync Satellite that […]

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Pi: Geo-location backup with BtSync

Building a geo-location backup for your NAS is a good idea! To spread the risk over two or more locations increases your backup value a lot. Most people confuse redundancy and backup. If you only have a USB-disk backup of your NAS it only protects you against hardware failure. If there is a fire or […]

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