Split DNS forwarding from Unifi gateway

When using Traefik, or any other reverse proxy, in front of docker containers you need a proper domain to get an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt. You also need a proper public DNS for the domain to allow LetsEncrypt to verify ownership via DNS or web requests. If you want to use this for internal systems […]

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Unifi Controller behind Traefik

A proper SSL certificate on the Unifi Controller is more of a cosmetic fix then a security one. The self signed certificate is fine from a security standpoint but enjoying when accessing the controller. I run my controller in a docker container on my swarm and have Traefik for ingress and SSL. Read more about […]

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Traefik reverse proxy with docker swarm

A reverse proxy is used to distribute the traffic over a scalable application running in several containers. This is needed since you can’t publish the port for all the containers. Traefik is a docker aware reverse proxy that can route and distribute all the incoming traffic to the correct containers. We are going to solve […]

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