Split DNS on UDM Pro

Less than a month ago I wrote about how to split your DNS forwards depending on the domain. Like sending any queries for to allowing you to have an internal resolution for some domain names. A common scenario is for a company with externally published services on its domain. While the user outside […]

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Split DNS forwarding from Unifi gateway

When using Traefik, or any other reverse proxy, in front of docker containers you need a proper domain to get an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt. You also need a proper public DNS for the domain to allow LetsEncrypt to verify ownership via DNS or web requests. If you want to use this for internal systems […]

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Unifi Security Gateway JSON config

The Unifi series from Ubuquiti has great features for centralized management of larger networks. There are however many things not supported in the Cloud Key UI that still can be configured. During the last deployment, we had two additional needs we couldn’t accomplish from the Cloud Key itself. Multiple WAN addresses – we needed to […]

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